my painting style

I bring my unique combination of talent, personality and high energy to every painting I participate in. I'm a storyteller - only I tell my stories with a shower of brash, vibrant color.

When I paint, I enter into a space where time seems to stop. And I connect to the root energy of my subjects.

With a working knowledge of color application and balance, I begin with an observation of the design and composition, the negative and positive shapes, then apply my colors with a sensitive hand. I utilize textures to help create a mood, and a variety of strokes, including impasto to emote strong emotion. By varying the direction of brushstrokes, I am able to add character, movement, energy, and life to the painting.

I usually paint on Masonite or MDF board coated with a polymer ground and covered with oil and acrylic paints, all in vivid color. When viewing my work at a close range, areas are broken up and fit together only at a distance. As you advance toward my painting, it becomes more abstract, more fluid, and as you move away, it falls into focus and is realistic. At no two distances will the painting appear the same.

I have developed a dynamic way of combining abstraction with realism. In this technique, I am able to make the action within the painting as intense and exciting as it actually is in your direct experience.


my story

As a child I was full of great ideas and dreams for my future. But my drive to succeed quickly turned into an obsession to obtain approval from others. And this approval seeking continued into college. Upon graduating and getting a "real job", I woke up many mornings uninspired and feeling unfulfilled. Having pushed away my own dreams and aspirations, I was now on a path to become a “successful adult."

In my teenage years, I was told by my well-meaning teachers and coaches that “art was a nice hobby but not something you do for a living.” Being a disciplined student, I listened. I put down my paintbrushes and did not pick them up again for another six years. In the meantime, I studied hard and learned to play by the rules. I went through the grind day in and day out to better myself. I graduated from my civil engineering school top of my class but deep down knew engineering wasn't for me. 

Reality hit me hard. With student loans now due, I spent the next five years in a traditional corporate job working more and more each week, never coming close to fulfilling my passions. I had moved back into my parents house to get my finances under control. Through a series of life-changing events including losing my job and losing my need to be perfect, I rediscovered that exciting, innovative person I always knew lived inside me.

Despite years of holding myself back, I see myself being guided in perfect harmony now. If I hadn't made myself crazy analyzing everything, I never would have released the genius inside of me. I uncovered my creativity. Having lived so stringently by the rules, I set myself free with my art. I pushed the boundaries and challenged the rules of the game. And my painting style was born.

I opened myself up to life and let the inspiration guide me. 

And rediscovering who I am, who I was created to be, has saved my life.

Fast forward until today. I am best known for my brilliantly colored, stunningly energetic paintings of iconic figures and sporting events. As one of the most popular living artists in the United States, my works are collected in over 34 states, including 2 U.S. Virgin Islands and 7 countries.

It is my intention that my artwork will continue to energize and inspire many generations.