You ask. I share. We talk.

A couple times a month, I choose a thoughtful, soulful & beautifully complex question from my inbox and answer it on my blog — in a new series called (yes, you guessed it!) Ask Derek.

Got a question about art, writing, love, inspiration, relationships, friendships, business, creativity, time management, construction, health, mind body soul connection, where I got my adventure on?
The doors are wiiiide open.

Send your questions to me at (bonus points: put “Ask Derek” in the subject line.)

I’ll share what I think on my blog, bottoms-up & soul-to-soul — like we’re kicking back sipping tea. Or that favorite rum swizzle from Bermuda.

My goal is to spark a free-flowing dialogue about the topics that are meaningful to all of us.

So ask away. And let’s dig in.