Collecting Derek Russell Originals

Why Collect Originals?

The primary reason for collecting original artwork is simple: you love owning beautiful things and you want to surround yourself with them. Art collecting is about passion and emotion, and it's about finding art that captures something inside you and brings you back to gaze at the painting over and over again. Art collecting is a game, a lifelong pursuit of discovering what your tastes are and finding art that represents the way you view the world. Art can be a reminder of places you've traveled, cultures you've become immersed in, people who inspire you, a style you've fallen in love with, or art can simply be about beauty captured upon a canvas.

Original artwork holds a magic not seen in two-dimensional prints. You are owning something that was created by an artist's hand and mind, transforming a blank canvas and simple pigments and materials into a completely new, one-of-a-kind creation. With an original oil painting, the thick texture adds a three-dimensional depth to the piece, drawing you into the pattern and movement of the individual brush strokes in a way that a photographic print cannot capture. You definitely know you are looking at an original when you see a thickly-textured painting! Another fun benefit of owning originals is watching them change color throughout the day. If you've ever sat on your couch watching the dawning light change over an oil painting, you'll know what I mean. The painting becomes warmer or cooler depending on the surrounding light, and the semi-translucent nature of the oil paint catches the light and seems to glow from within.

Owning a fine creation that is truly one-of-a-kind, and surrounding yourself with artwork that represents your tastes and sense of beauty, is all the reason you need for collecting originals.