Education Innovation - Opportunities Abound

By Celebrity & Corporate Artist Derek Russell

Boy oh boy do I have some exciting news I'd like to share. My artwork and reach is growing incredibly fast, and I am so very honored and grateful! Last night I was contacted to create a series of paintings for the 2014 Education Innovation Summit to be held on April 21-23 at the Phoenician in Scotsdale, AZ.

Education Innovation Summit 2014.jpg

Direct from GSV + ASU: "Our mission is to become the fulcrum of activity and influence on the current and future states of global education. We're creating a platform for advancement, highlighted by the world's premier events and online conversations surrounding the Knowledge Economy.

Our flagship program is the high-impact annual Education Innovation Summit-known to many as "Davos in the Desert" — now entering its fifth year. Michael Horn, co-author of Disrupting Class, has called the Summit "the can't miss education innovation event." In addition, our website is an essential and evolving digital destination-a center point and catalyst for dialogue, insights, a robust ecosystem of partners and champions, and a global community of bold thinkers and doers.

There are many varied audiences actively participating in what we're doing and building. They're innovators of all kinds: entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, politicians, educators, and other advocates of education innovation.

Bringing together the world's most visionary, passionate, and energetic players in the education innovation space, the Education Innovation Initiative is stimulating opinions, debate, fundraising, strategic alliances and overall community activism toward global enrichment."

This is an amazing opportunity, and I am so very, very thankful for all the support and gratitude everyone has shown me. It truly is amazing what a little imagination combined with a lot of trust and creativity can create. Together, let's celebrate in the beauty of learning and growing.

To learn more about the upcoming event, check out the website.

I'll be sharing more exciting news about this event in the upcoming days and weeks, stay tuned.



About Derek Russell

Russell, born 1985, lives and works in the mountains of New Hampshire. His areas of interest include painting, health and wellness, higher consciousness, architecture, growth mindset, engineering, travel, sports, and adventure. And he is happily married to his wife, Kara.

His love for adventure started in college when he began traveling and exploring the beauty of the world and its amazing people, places and experiences. This is the energy he captures in each of his pieces.

The foundation for his art is grounded in a decade long interaction with the art of realism. Researching and learning the techniques of the old masters, he felt a calling to express himself with paint. For over 10 years, he continued to draw and paint in a very slow and precise way. An internal struggle to make his work perfect fought with his desire to paint. And he stopped for years.

After an intensive yearlong study under a Copley Art Master, his awareness changed. By engaging in a visual story with the live models he painted, he needed to paint faster.

And then one day, it clicked for him.

He put aside his analytical mind and let the colors speak to him. He coined the term “Free Spirited Realism” as a brand for his art. It is a dance between contemporary art and realism.

When viewing his work at a close range, areas are broken up and fit together only at a distance. As you advance toward his painting, it becomes more abstract, more fluid, and as you move away, it falls into focus and is realistic. At no two distances will the painting appear the same.

He has developed a dynamic way of combining abstraction with realism. In this technique, he is able to make the action within the painting as intense and exciting as it actually is in your direct experience.

He creates meaningful, engaging stories with a shower of bold, vibrant color that inspire people to open their minds and make a positive impact on the world.

Today, his art is collected in several countries around the world.