an opportunity in disguise

it may have taken me a couple of months to figure out. i was confused. but i knew i must be patient. with all the books on self-help that i've read over the years, i knew the answers lie within me. i know i am in the right place at the right time. i know there is always something i need to be learning.

i recently moved into an apartment with my fiance and now, my drive to my engineering job has tripled. i'm commuting 55 miles each way to sit behind a desk, to push paperwork and wait for the clock to tick. when the hour hand lands on 4, i'm out the door, thankful for another day i can check off in the books.

but this approach to life is demoralizing for me. and for some odd reason, it makes me angry and unhappy. i know so many people who would love to hold this position. but if i'm not happy, not excited for life, where is the passion in that! and then to sit in a box for over 2 hours each day driving to yet another box - it takes a toll on me!

but i knew there must be a lesson hiding in the midst. and finally it hit me.

i realized i was not utilizing my time effectively. in order for me to stay sane, i knew i needed to educate myself. i can gain over 2 hours each day to improving my life. this simple awakening is a blessing. i could have been studying 2 hours each day prior to the drive, but i wasn't. i found better things to be doing. i found life was easy. why change when something is easy.

so yes, i look forward to my commute where i can learn and grow with each day. before i dreaded driving that long. i was angry for having to be stuck driving what felt like all day. the trick is when you are not happy with certain aspects in your life, do something about it. take action in that very moment where you feel the anger. know there is a purpose for everything that happens. know that with each wall there is a door or window to go through. find the path and stay focused.

Please leave a comment below and tell me about an opportunity you took advantage of...