a home for my inspiration to grow

what a journey it has been. a year ago kara and i moved in together for the first time. we rented a small 800 sf pad on the bottom level of an old house. we played, got our taste buds satisfied, and experienced "city" living.

what a difference a year makes. so much can happen.

we manifested. we laughed. we dreamed.

and i'm so happy to announce that kara and i moved into our 1st home - our dream home - about 3 months ago. yea it was right around that time when we got dumped with over 3'-0 of snow. a huge thank you to all the amazing souls who helped make our move that day in january a success!

i've unpacked all my boxes. i've put away most of my belongings - we have lots of closets that come in extremely handy. coming from a small place with little room to breathe, to our humble abode, is a breath of fresh air.

the snow has finally all melted and we are settling right into the community.

what a journey.

we love, love, love it here. i pinch myself daily as i wake up in my dream home with a gorgeous view. sunrises are my fav here.

mountain sunrise

i hold so much gratitude for this space that we call home. it holds us, nurtures us, inspires us.