rise and sunshine

it's a beautiful day. and a special one for someone i hold close to my heart.

i first met her 3 years ago in a shaw's parking lot - apparently a park-n-ride is a sketchy place. i was standing outside my car, shades on, right knee bent and foot resting on the rear wheel. cowboy style.

it was our first date. the first time we would meet face to face.

we found each other online - yes, online. we both decided to take the gamble, why not go "shopping" for a lover from the comfort of our pjs and bed.

i daydream back to the day when she hopped out of that black mercury sable and bounced over to me with open arms, a smile so bright, + an aura so big. pure happiness still echoes through me thinking about it.

that day in february our worlds collided.

immediately i knew, she knew too - we were meant for each other.

our playfulness grew as we ventured off into the woods

with only 1 stale granola bar, it's all yours.

our bubble of love when nothing else matters, all time stands still, all worries disappear, all doubt fades away, + laughter fills the air.

Derek Russell with kara in arms

jumping forward to this morning when i rise from bed, one that we now share

it's a rise and sunshine day.

happy birthday monkey

i'm proud of you. so proud.

and i want to give you a gift you will always remember. i want to give you the moon. i want to give you the stars. i want to give you my heart.

take my hand, as i offer you my sunshine

you inspire me.

let's dance those socks right off

happy birthday little peach

<3 xoxo <3