a day to focus on me

i finally have a day.

a day i don't need to go to my 9-5.

a day i don't need to be somewhere else.

a day i can focus on me.

and i am all hyped up, because today, i am going to paint. i have it in me. i'm energized for it. i'm all excited to do it. i tell everyone that that's what i'm doing.

but i couldn't do it. frustration. anger. resentment. guilt

you are too hard on yourself my soul caresses me. the time will come and you will know when you feel it. for now, enjoy this peaceful day. rejoice in being alive. breathe in the freshness of the spring air.

let go of your inner conviction that you needed to paint today. let that feeling subside. let it go. there is something better for you today. it is coming to you. trust and forgive yourself.

now affirm, i flexible and flowing. i am supported by life. 

art cannot be forced.

art needs to be a flow of prana.

and that's what makes your work so powerful. there is so much more to it than just paint, brushes and a canvas. your creations are communications with spirit. your paintings convey messages. you emit beauty, love, and freedom.

expressing my love by the ocean

expressing my love by the ocean