featured on the front cover of polity

thank you thank you thank you - i'm all smiles over here & feeling blessed

i just got word today from the university of connecticut. yes the university of connecticut! my art is seeing more and more eyes every day. it's exactly as i had predicted.

why am i so excited? what's so special?

UConn contacted me to use one of my paintings on the front cover of their political science journal, polity, for the october 2014 issue and it is released and public!

you can view the journal here:

and a close up of the cover page here.

it's my pablo picasso painting, only zoomed in and focused on his eye.

i'd like to take a moment to thank Kevin and all the publishers at Polity for working with me to make this happen.

i'll be writing a more formal press release later but i just needed to share this amazing news with you

thanks again for all your support. if you know of anyone that could benefit from my work, please leave me a comment below, i'd really appreciate any exposure you could offer me.

you rock