i'm working 3 jobs

i must enjoy work or why else would i be working more after work?

i've currently got a full time job as an engineer - yet i've got my entire art career which has blossomed into a beautiful dream. and i also started another online business www.happyhealthyteam.com with my wife. we have a lot to share. 

in 2014, my wife, Kara, and I moved in together, got married and soon realized if we wanted our love to grow, we needed to come together in the kitchen. tipping our cupboards upside down, we ditched the processed junk and limiting beliefs and created our dream lifestyle. together we created HappyHealthyTeam.com to guide you to a happy and healthy life for you and your family.

as abraham lincoln once said, "the best way to predict the future is to create it"

and that is exactly what i am doing. it's what i have been doing all along. 

i am creating the future i dream of.

i am creating building a business that allows me to live my ideal lifestyle daily. not just on weekends. not just after work. i am quitting my 9-5 to follow my calling. i've been doing this for years now. and i'm good at it. i enjoy creating online businesses that create passive income. 

it's all about creating a business that can run itself. what needs to happen is it needs to be made fully automated.

i'm super excited for this growth. 

this is my ticket out of working the 9-5.