oil painting

painting bigger and bolder in the studio

lights are on, music in the air, i'm in the zone.

a couple of days ago, i was frustrated over not being able to paint. those frustrations were so strong. weird. crazy. instead of getting mad at myself, i accepted. i let go of my need to paint and did what felt right in that moment. i was guided to go bigger and bolder.

a couple of days later, i am presented with a gift. a gift from the angels.

know that each moment there are unlimited possibilities waiting for you.

i am chosen to be the vibrant portrait artist for a high end gallery in downtown georgetown.

and what do they want? large and colorful patriotic portraits. 

exactly what i felt. genius. YES!

i've got the canvases primed with a white ground (gesso). i'm waiting on more gesso so i can coat both sides of the boards. i decided to use MDF board for the rigidity and texture. i like the feel. it's what is working for me right now.

funny, how one day I'm so angry and the next, i've got 4 of my biggest paintings. love it!

fast forward a few days, the underpaintings are complete on 2 out of 4.

Derek Russell paintings of JFK and Ronald reagan

selected for an art gallery in washington dc

excited! i'm beaming at the rims to share this with you. it's a new opportunity for me. a big one. i mean huge. wiggle wiggle wiggle.

my dancing pants are on, and i'm feeling the rhythm. the inspiration is flowing. the creativity building inside me. so much to express. so much to share. 

i've got a gut feeling that makes me want to jump. jump with joy. i made this happen. i decided long ago what i intended. and consistently i am answered. my life is a joyous dance.

i've been selected from thousands of artists from around the world to be the portrait artist for a high profile gallery in washington dc, just steps away from the white house. right smack in the heart of the historic district of downtown georgetown. a high traffic, big business capital of the world. right on pennsylvania ave. adjacent to the four seasons washington, dc. a trip sounds in order.

everyone at the gallery i've talked too are so genuine and friendly. their words of praise of my work excite me to know we are joining forces. our relationship is off to a picture perfect start. they are amazing, truly amazing souls. it's fun to talk with them. every time we talk, we come up with new ideas for meaningful products to offer to their clientele. it's totally a win win for both of us. and that's the way it ought to be.

thank you! thank you! thank you!

i love when an idea becomes reality. and this seed was planted many, many years ago. 

i listened to my intuition, and i'm so glad i did. it is all unfolding in perfect harmony with my life.

my vibrant portraits speak to millions. they are filled with messages to your soul.

each painting i create, is unique. each painting is infused with vibrational healing. it's part of my creative process.

i love the flow of abundance to me. when i released the lagging feeling, that confusion that sense of worry that seemed to permeate my entire being, i land this new position.

i'm cleaning out the closets of my mind. i'm giving space for the new in my life. new thoughts, new experiences. new directions. new changes.

i'm feeling good. 

i'm currently working on 4+ large scale patriotic portraits for them. with many more to come.

the subjects are selected. the canvases are cut.

i've chosen 1/2" MDF board as the support. it is rigid. it is strong. I love the texture i create with this board. when applied in the right amount in the right fashion, it makes an bold statement.

i asked for guidance and guidance was given.

thank you