a day to focus on me

i finally have a day.

a day i don't need to go to my 9-5.

a day i don't need to be somewhere else.

a day i can focus on me.

and i am all hyped up, because today, i am going to paint. i have it in me. i'm energized for it. i'm all excited to do it. i tell everyone that that's what i'm doing.

but i couldn't do it. frustration. anger. resentment. guilt

you are too hard on yourself my soul caresses me. the time will come and you will know when you feel it. for now, enjoy this peaceful day. rejoice in being alive. breathe in the freshness of the spring air.

let go of your inner conviction that you needed to paint today. let that feeling subside. let it go. there is something better for you today. it is coming to you. trust and forgive yourself.

now affirm, i flexible and flowing. i am supported by life. 

art cannot be forced.

art needs to be a flow of prana.

and that's what makes your work so powerful. there is so much more to it than just paint, brushes and a canvas. your creations are communications with spirit. your paintings convey messages. you emit beauty, love, and freedom.

expressing my love by the ocean

expressing my love by the ocean

paint the message inside me

i am willing to release my fears. i am accepting the success that comes to me easily and quickly. i no longer need to live in guilt that others will be jealous of me when i am successful. that is something you created for yourself. no one imposed that belief on you.

i start a canvas this morning but am stopped before i can add any paint. the urge within me was a definite no! 

what is this? and why is it so forceful? and aren't i meant to let art out?

you were attempting to recreate an image because that is what you have done in the past. it is time for you to graduate onward. your next journey is to the big canvas. i mean BIG canvas. life-size. 

jump right into it. that is where your truest expressions are born. 

break past your fears of not knowing what to paint. you know exactly what to do. you must go within, you must access the depths of your soul. inspiration comes when you are in spirit. 

go for a walk, get outside, exercise, do yoga, meditate but do not force a creation that does not feel good to you.

maybe i'll read and write.

getting away from the canvas, i'm hungry. i indulge in a leftover meal of vegetable barley soup. 

create from that deepest place within you. let the magic spontaneously erupt onto canvas. trust. believe. have faith.

i am here to guide you derek, you are safe, all is well. i interrupted your pattern of thought earlier today. i interrupted you because you have been wanting more guidance. here it is. 

go bigger. go bolder. go from within.

your collectors come to you by the thousands. they want this channeled emotion. this bottled up energy inside you. it is alive with life energy. it energizes all who come into contact with it. it brings happiness and joy. it speaks volumes of the soul.

each of your paintings have meaning within them. they are more than just color. there is a message inside each and every one of them. paint that message.

this is what your collectors are looking for now.