About my Paintings

I live the vision of celebrating life's magnificence and embrace the endless possibilities that lay before me.

My warm and inviting painting style is the result of a gradual evolution over the past three decades, beginning with my lengthy study of van Gogh, Monet, Gauguin and others. During the last decade, my style has become unique in all the world, playing off my strength as a colorist, my passion for light and movement, and the balance and linearity of my brushwork.

I hand paint each color on the canvas myself. Each brush stroke applied one at a time.

I capture the feeling like no other artist.

I paint what I feel; I consider myself to be an expressionist who paints my emotions, my passions, and my world. It is not so much what I paint, but how I paint it. With a working knowledge of color application and balance, I begin with an observation of the design and composition, the negative and positive shapes, then apply my colors with a sensitive hand. I utilize textures to help create a mood, and a variety of strokes, including impasto to emote strong emotion. By varying the direction of brushstrokes, I am able to add character, movement, energy, and life to the painting.

My extraordinary paintings will touch your own passions, balance your head with your heart, and inspire your own creative potential.