About Make an Offer

Make an Offer is a feature that's available for select Original Artwork. This feature lets you make an offer to buy an item for less than the current price from the artist.

When you submit an offer to the artist to purchase an item for less than the current price, we'll send the artist an e-mail with your offer. Artists will respond through e-mail to you within 72 hours after an offer is submitted. They may choose to lower the price of the item to match your offer, reject your offer, or negotiate an alternative price with you.

If you and the artist have agreed upon a price, and you would like to purchase the item, click the link in the e-mail to add the item to your cart. The steps to place an order are the same as placing any other order on DerekRussellArtist.com. Just make sure you've verified that the price in your shopping cart is the agreed upon amount before placing your order. Please note that additional shipping and taxes may apply to your order.

Note: During this time period, other buyers can still purchase the item at the list price. We suggest that you check your e-mail for notification from the artist and purchase the item as quickly as possible.