Small Steps (Leading to Now)

An Exciting Path of Discovery

Growing up, I always follow the rules. Always!

I listen attentively and do exactly what others say. I don't question it, as I feel they know what is best for me. I am desperate for their approval. I need it!

And then I discover something powerful. I discover the ability I have to create what I desire in my physical life. I'm "plump" (fat) and am not happy about it. I hate seeing all the other kids my age running around with their shirts off. I'm jealous. It's even worse when I need to use the locker room to change for hockey practices and games because I'm afraid to take my shirt off. I'm afraid they will laugh at me. I've got love handles you can grab onto and shake. It's not only embarrassing for me but I'm tired all the time.

I decide to do something about it. I adopt a new approach to food and "dieting" and am devoted to change my body. I do whatever is necessary to make this happen - ignoring what the other kids and adults say to me - and believe me, they said it all. Within 3 months, I transform my body, dropping 28 pounds by the time I turn 13. I feel AMAZING. And I know I did this. I changed the way I look. I changed my life. This is my first experience with co-creating my life.

School was different. I tell myself I must get all "A"s if I want to be successful. So I demand my mind and body - like every perfectionist does - to achieve this no matter what the consequences. I excel in math and science, yet am really drawn to art. It just comes so naturally to me. And the teachers love me. By doing what they say and following the rules, I can never go wrong. 

My life revolves around my report cards and sports. But school comes first always - even before family. I'll do anything I can to always be right. I need that approval. I was afraid to be wrong. And heaven forbid if I was to get any grade lower than an A. I'd freak out. I'm not sure where or when or how this fear rooted itself in me, but it suffocates me. 

Life answers my calling with a magical opportunity. I become a Reiki Practitioner and expand my awareness. I notice my world shift, as I see life from a new lens. I become attuned to the powerful energy to heal others, including myself. This is my second awakening experience and reminds me of where I have come from.

As I begin using my new tools, I start feeling and noticing more. I'm not talking the touchy feely type of feeling but something within me. Rather than just do what I've done in the past, I listen to my soul. And the wildest idea to study engineering surfaces. Completely bewildered, I enroll at UNH in the civil engineering program.

Following my heart, I have this knowing that I must struggle and battle through this degree and the years that follow to make me stronger. I feel and know it's taking me one step closer to dreams.

My mind and body want out of this experience. I hate it. I don't like any of the classes I'm taking. I have no interest in the material I'm learning. But I stick with it, after much anguish and frustration. I need an escape out of this misery I put myself in. 

Again, life answers me in perfect rhythm. I discover and begin applying the teachings of Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and many more experts in their fields. Now this is the stuff I like. I finally feel a passion to learn. So I commit myself to it. I am a voracious reader, devouring any book, audio program, lecture I can get my hands on. I expand my consciousness with joy.  

Yet still living with the mindset that success is gained through good grades, I graduate top of my class from the University of New Hampshire. Yet by listening to my soul for guidance, I learn to approach life from a new perspective. I spend hours outside in nature while my classmates spend the same time writing reports. I mediate under the sky knowing that I am excelling in my studies. I join my classmates at the library to study but end up listening to my heart which tells me to curl up in a comfy chair with my books open on me and let the sunshine soothe me.

I know I am not going to be an engineer - "it's for the birds" one of my classmates and I would say. But again, I revert back to what I know. I need approval outside of myself on what type of job to search for. My dean, a very generous and giving man who clearly knows what is best for me, hooks me up with a construction management company as I told him I wanted to be outside. Happy the decision was made for me, I landed a job with ease.

I labor as a superintendent & project manager overseeing multi-million dollar construction projects throughout New England for many years. The long hours, unknown work schedules, and constant problems hit me hard. I forget who I am. I begin drinking heavily. I need to lose touch with reality. I need to be free from this prison I am in. And the drinking gives me that false sense of freedom.

At 26, I make a commitment to live with passion and excitement.

A ray of light shines bright before me one evening. I understand everything in my life is happening for a reason. I put my hands in my head and cry. I release the emotion. I don't care what others think about me. I am free to be me.

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~ Featured artist at the California African American Museum in Los Angeles, California for my MLK jr painting.

~ Featured artist at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, Illinois for Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Event with Sharon Irving

~ Featured artist in Racism, Unconscious bias, and the art (and need) of listening and storytelling at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Austin, Texas.


December 2015

~ Exploring the depths of the Artful Brain: Neuro-aesthetics 

~ Sharing the love with the City of Chicago. Paying tribute to MLK with my painting for their 30th annual Interfaith Breakfast.

October 2015

~ Donated my time and painting to Massasoit Community College for their annual Gala. A total success. Total proceeds exceeded $30,000.

April 2015

~ I am remembering who I am. I am healing.

~ Collaborating with Sterling & Burke at their gallery in Washington, D.C. Excited to be called upon to be their pop portrait artist. Big happenings.

February 2015

~ Landed a big licensing deal with

~ Discovered the greatest gift of all.

~ Held a hugely successful unveiling party for Arthur Demoulas

~ I got accepted into a very selective artist's group, Easely. Very excited. I might be able to get you in too. Contact me if you're interested.

 January 2015

~ New door just opened. Co-Founded Liv4Live

~ I bought my dream home!

~ Huge opportunity came knocking on my door. I was asked to submit my artwork for acceptance into the prestigious one hundred year old Guild of Boston Artists with a gallery on Newbury St, Boston, MA


December 2014

~ Inspiration soars to Mobile, Alabama with MLK event in January 2015 at the St. Joseph Parish (Maysville).

~ Score! So many new collectors from so many places. Thank you

~ Love. Love. Love

~ Featured on the front cover of the French Magazine, Pote à Pote.

November 2014

~ More art advisors from Boston, MA are reaching out to me for paintings to meet their clients needs

~ Let love in. Be love. Give love.

October 2014

~ Hawaiian adventure. Inspirational. Empowering. Awakening.

~ HAPPY DAY. I married Kara - my dream girl, my best friend and lifelong adventure buddy. So much love and happiness

~ Excited to announce my newest collectors from Denver, Colorado & Shepherdsville, Kentucky. Thanks guys. Enjoy the art

~ Score. Signed a license deal with Alberta Distance Learning Centre

~ Jackpot! Very exciting opportunity to paint Lake Winnipesaukee

September 2014

~ Finalized a contract with SWENK, a Signapore based company.

~ Rolling out a new line of products with SWENK at the 2014 Musikmesse Shanghai music tradeshow.

~ Inspiring more and more gifted artists

~ Agreed to a license deal with the University of Connecticut

~ Galleries in Austria want to collaborate with me

July 2014

~ Planning out the adventure of a lifetime.

~ 100 days until I marry the girl of my dreams! So excited, words cannot describe this feeling

~ Reached out to Hay House for publishing my book and SUCCESS - my personal publishing consultant contacted me today.

~ There is light at the end of the tunnel

June 2014

~ I want to give back. I feel it is something I need to do. This year I am creating an original Tom Brady painting (20"x30") and donating it to Do it for Donna - a registered 501c non profit charity raising funds to assist in cancer research, assist individual families affected by the disease and assist other 501c non profits helping families affected by cancer.

~ Creating a large mixed media painting titled, "Let Go & Let it Flow". It's 3'-0 x 4'-0. Magic is happening. When I first started painting, I knew when I was to let go and let my intuition be guided true miracles would happen. And it is! I love the synchronicity.

~ Currently reading Dr. Wayne Dyer's book, "I Can See Clearly Now". Every word resonates with me. It sounds like he is speaking directly to me. He inspires me. I see myself meeting this amazing man and working with him.

~ I love waking up and learning that more and more people are purchasing my fine art prints. What an awesome feeling! It's becoming a daily trend. Yeah! Love it :)

~ Many creative souls from England, Australia, & Turkey have reached out to me thanking me personally for inspiring them to lead artistic lives. They have all asked to interview me. Which I feel honored to do. I'm trying my best to balance my time to be able to offer any advice I can. I feel so blessed :). Thank you

~ Issued a Press Release. Vibrant Paintings Help GSV Celebrate Leadership and Innovation!

May 2014

~ Created Messages from Nature. I have this feeling inside of me that says I need to be sharing this with you.

~ Attended a weekend retreat at Kripalu. Literally amazing! It felt so good to be in tune with my higher self. I am so motivated and empowered to share the beauty I learned with you.

~ Getting videos up onto YouTube. I want to bring that connection home.

~ Felt the urge, the sensation to write my first e-book. I want share with you the secrets make your creative business one of extreme success. Goodbye Starving Artist, Hello Abundant Life will be available soon. When you pre-order now, you will save 50%. Take the leap of faith and trust me. You will be so so glad you did.

April 2014

~ Galleries from one of the global capitals of the world, NYC, are reaching out to me, wanting to exhibit my work. Cheers to believing it is happening.

~ Huge news! My portrait of Secretary Pritzker is on public display at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington, DC.

~ Taught and motivated people from all continents to unlock their potential

~ Opening new doors and seeing opportunities

~ So thankful for my 3 newest prominent collectors of original, expressive portraits of innovation:

Donald E. Graham - CEO & Chairman of Graham Holdings Company (formerly The Washington Post); lead independent director of Facebook's board of directors

Laurene Powell Jobs - American business executive & founder of Emerson Collective; co-founder and President of the Board of College Track

Penny Pritzker - American business executive, entrepreneur, civic leader, and philanthropist who is currently serving as the 38th United States Secretary of Commerce; founder of PSP Capital Partners and Pritzker Realty Group; co-founder of Artemis Real Estate Partners; member of the Pritzker family.

~ Making myself at home in my new art studio.

~ Manifested abundance into my life. I just love how when you focus your thoughts and intentions miracles happen.

~ Moved in with my fiance! Life keeps getting better and better :)

March 2014

~ My art has been gifted to some big names in education: Lou Holtz, Michael Milken, Jeb Bush, Oprah Winfrey, Reed Hastings, Magic Johnson. WOW! Thank you :) Original, vibrant portraits created.

Lou Holtz - Legendary American football coach for Notre Dame, active sportscaster, author and motivational speaker

Oprah Winfrey - American media proprietor, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist

Magic Johnson - Retired American Professional Basketball player for Los Angeles Lakers of the NBA, entrepreneur, philanthropist, broadcaster and motivational speaker

Michael Milken - American billionaire financier and philanthropist

Reed Hastings - Entrepreneur and education philanthropist, CEO of Netflix, and on the boards of Facebook, Microsoft, and numerous non-profit organizations

Jeb Bush - served as the 43rd Governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007. He is the second son of former President George H. W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush, and is the younger brother of former President George W. Bush

~ Joined forces with my partners Global Silicon Valley Capital & Brandlift to create paintings for the 2014 Education Innovation Summit to be held at Arizona State University. Super excited!

~ Began actively blogging to help my fellow creative entrepreneurs.

February 2014

~ Signed a licensing contract with Salus Capital Partners, a commercial finance and asset management company

~ Launched my #thankful365 project. My gift and challenge for you :)

~ Collaborated with Prita Chhabra, South Asian Recording Artist, Songwriter, & Activist to create a powerful image of her for the cover of her new CD.

January 2014

~ Reached and passed 10K FB friends! Many thanks for my worldwide team of supporters.

~ Teamed up with Northern Composites to bring motivation and inspiration to the work place.

~ Let the Wedding Planning Begin. ow ow. Save the Dates - yes please

~ I popped the question. SHE SAID "YES"... So excited. So pumped. SO MUCH Love.

~ Finally, after 8 months of searching. I created the perfect ring for Kara.

~ Donated thousands of dollars to support charities

~ Articles, essays, journals, tributes. My art is inspiring thousands worldwide (Brazil, Philippines, United Kingdom, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia).

~ Guided hundreds of young artists find meaning, purpose and passion.

~ A rollercoaster month. So much to be thankful for.


Nov / Dec 2013

~ Creating a lasting relationship with Springfield College, School of Human Services, Manchester Campus, Manchester, NH - inspiring students, faculty & staff.

~ My artwork was selected for a Tribute to Nelson Mandela from the United Kingdom. My paintings express pure truth, beauty and life.

~ Traveled to St. Thomas. Tropical Waters. Sea breeze (& rain). A family scavenger hunt.

~ Artwork collected by Bill Campbell - Chairman of Intuit Inc.; Chair of the Board of Trustees of Columbia University; Director of The National Football Foundation & College Hall of Fame

~ Artwork collected by Michael Moe - Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, President & Chief Investment Officer, GSV Capital Corp.; Chairman of ThinkEquity LLC; Director of College Football Hall of Fame; Director of National Football Foundation; Director for Center for Education Reform; Director of Bizequity Corp.; Director of CUX, Inc.

~ Artwork collected by Andy Goldenberg - Founder & CEO, Brandlift

~ Artwork collected by Global Silicon Valley Capital - Woodside, CA

~ Painted + Painted + Painted. In my own little world.

Sept / Oct 2013

~ Partnered with The Nature Conservancy to help preserve nature.

~ Launched a new partnership with Brandlift, masters of marketing who "just get it."

Signed a licensing contract with Global Silicon Valley Capital, a private financial firm aimed to redefine growth investing.

~ Top Secret Mission.

June / July / Aug 2013

~ Our adventure into the Wild Whites. 45 miles, 5 days, 7 4000 footers - WE DID IT!

~ Was featured on two popular, worldwide Leadership websites, License to Lead and Great Leaders Serve

April / May 2013

~ Exploring the turquoise blue waters of Bermuda. So vibrant!

~ Happy Birthday celebration to my twin flame atop Mount Chocorua.

Jan / Feb / March 2013

~ Linked up with the Ann & Jerry Moss Theater and was selected to exhibit my work at the Capshaw-Spielberg Center for Arts and Educational Justice in Santa Monica, CA.

~ One year anniversary. I can't stop smiling just thinking about you :)


Nov / Dec 2012

~ Cheers to 2012 :)

~ Exhibited before hundreds of thousands at Our Lady of Lasalette Shrine, Attleboro, MA. WOW so happy.

~ "We reached sparkling depths in our love, in family, and in the Caribbean Sea" - Kara Leigh

~ Being with Kara is the best gift of all. <3

Sept / Oct 2012

~ Participated in a marketing presentation in California for One Spirit.

~ My very first licensing contract.

~ First things first, jump into the Pacific!

June / July / Aug 2012

~ Selected to exhibit in Trinidad & Tobago. Beautiful awakening.

~ Let the thunder roar. Always an adventure :)

~ Waterfalls, Mountaintops. A blissful journey of love with my twin flame

April / May 2012

~ Exhibited at my first gallery in Downtown Las Vegas, NV. Celebrate good times!

~ Discovering new places. Happy Birthday to my dream girl.

~ Artwork collected by Brian Evans, American Big Band Singer & actor

Jan / Feb / March 2012

~ Love, Joy & Laughter. Sunset summits.

~ Our first hike Mount Monadnock. "U game or lame?"

~ Everything happens for a reason. This girl is the ONE!

~ Questioning myself.

~ Had my first iconic face featured in the Bob Marley Magazine of Italy.

~ Embraced the power within me. Listened to my inner guide.

~ Was interviewed and featured on Kol's Notes


Nov / Dec 2011

~ Was juried into an art show - super exciting.

~ Was featured on Lucky Dog Rescue. Truly an amazing story.

~ Hit the headlines of

~ I began writing in a journal. What is it I desire?

~ A day of gratitude - I was laid off.

Sept / Oct 2011

~ A month long escape.

June / July / Aug 2011

~ Online dating - are you serious?

~ Began studying under Copley Art Master and teacher Mark Hayden. This man is remarkable. Thank you so much!

April / May 2011

~ Decided to take the leap. I launched my creative business.

~ My first art show ever + I got Best in Show! My heart soared.

~ First painting since college. I've come along way. Makes me super happy

~ Remembered why I'm here. Began painting again.

~ Taking back control of my life.

May 2007

 ~ Yay, finally! I graduated number 1 in my class from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering

June 2003

 ~ Graduated from Londonderry High School

May 2002

~ I heard a calling and understood what I must do

January 2002

~ Throughout my high school years, I really enjoyed creating art