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DerekRussellArtist.com was created to give you inspiration, empowerment, and an opportunity to see life through the eyes of an artist, so you too can live in a vibrant, inspired way. 

I offer you my warm and inviting painting style. It is the result of a gradual evolution over the past three decades, beginning with my lengthy study of van Gogh, Monet, Gauguin, Rothko and others. During the last decade, my style has become unique in all the world, playing off my strength as a colorist, my passion for light and movement, and the balance and linearity of my brushwork.

I hand paint each color on the canvas myself. Each brush stroke applied one at a time with confidence.

I capture the feeling like no other artist. I call it "the energy of life." 

I paint what I feel and consider myself to be an expressionist who paints my emotions, my passions, and my world. It is not so much what I paint, but how I paint it. With a working knowledge of color application and balance, I begin with an observation of the design and composition, the negative and positive shapes, then apply my colors with a sensitive hand. I utilize textures to help create a mood, and a variety of strokes, including impasto to emote strong emotion. By varying the direction of brushstrokes, I am able to add character, movement, energy, and life to the painting.

Hi, my name is Derek Russell, and I'm an adventure travel artist, a lifestyle entrepreneur & former engineer.

I'd like to share with you a story about a critical turning point in my life. I wouldn't be here painting for you if this didn't happen to me. It's a story from my childhood. I was in the 7th grade, and I remember those long, tiring days, those intense feelings of not being good enough like it was just yesterday. I grew a hatred towards my fat and chubby body. I didn't have energy. I didn't have confidence. And I couldn't stop those fearful and destructive thoughts from bouncing endlessly around inside my head. I analyzed everything.

To me, everything was wrong with me. 

And then I was handed a single book, Eat Right for Your Blood Type. Having achieved a level of readiness and a flirting sense of hope - I knew I didn't want to live this way anymore. I wanted to feel good again. And I knew I was going to feel good again.

And then my mind would kick in. Who are you and where do you think you're going? I was only 12 but I remember feeling like I needed to know these things. And not knowing created more agony inside of me. 

Deep down I remember always wanting to help people. And I knew I needed to start with myself first.

I began on a quest of self-discovery, empowerment, health and adventure. At 12 years old, I made the best decision of my life. I decided to change. I decided to let go of my fear of being fat forever. I decided to live my life from a place of inspiration. I decided to love. And it started with me loving me.

I began reading and researching endlessly. And I applied what I was learning. I started looking closely at the foods I was eating and noticed a trend - certain foods would consistently make me feel sick. Like sore throat, congestion, cough - sick. Especially the next day. I had lived many years with digestion problems and ear infections that never went away. So I experimented on myself with the vision of what I wanted for myself always in mind. 

This shift changed my life forever.

And at 12, I watched my love handles disappear, my chubby cheeks thin out, and my belly slim down. After 40 days of eating in a new way and believing in myself, I lost 31 pounds.  

Why am I telling you all this and what has this got to do with art? It taught me a success secret, and I'll share it with you, You can do it if you believe you can.

Over the last 2 decades, I've continued to empower myself and be the artist of my life. And with my burning desire in place at all times, I create a deeper and fuller life experience.

By sharing my inspiration, observations of life, and experiences, I've been able to reach thousands of people all over the globe. Having the ability to touch the lives of so many people through my paintings, my programs and my adventures has been the most rewarding part of my journey.

My mission is to keep exploring and sharing the truth.

My paintings are collected in 7 countries and over 33 states in the U.S., including 2 U.S. Virgin Islands.

Public Collections

Mayer Brown LLP                                                                  Washington, DC

California African American Museum                                     Los Angeles, California

Purvanchal Silver Estate                                                          Noida, India

Graham Holdings Company                                                   Washington, DC

U.S. Department of Commerce                                               Washington, DC

Global Silicon Valley Capital                                                  Woodside, California

St. Paul's School                                                                     Concord, New Hampshire

University of Connecticut                                                        Storrs, Connecticut

Springfield College                                                                 Manchester, New Hampshire

Northern Composites                                                              Hampton, New Hampshire

Benilde - St. Margaret's School                                               St. Louis Park, Minnesota 

Private Collections

Glendale, New York

Cleveland, Ohio

Stavanger, Rogaland - Norway

Singapore, Singapore - Singapore

Vanloese, Copenhagen, Denmark

Kita, Japan

Ogden, Utah

Venus, Florida

Orlando, Florida

Morganton, Georgia

Lake Orion, Michigan

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

St. John, US Virgin Island

St. Thomas, US Virgin Island

Blanc, Michigan

Johnson, Rhode Island

St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Brooklyn, New York

Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Atlanta, Georgia

Fairhope, Alabama

West Palm Beach, Florida

North Providence, Rhode Island

Laurel, Maryland

Jacksonville, Florida

North Waterboro, Maine

West Seneca, New York

Castle Rock, Colorado

Wellsville, Kansas

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Burnsville, North Carolina

Valrico, Florida

Bateman, WA - Australia

Bala Cywnyd, Pennsylvania

Chicago, Illinois

Stone Mountain, Georgia

Yass, New South Wales, Australia

Tacoma, Washington

New York, New York

Canberra, ACT - Australia

Bowie, Maryland

Houston, Texas

Eagan, Minnesota

Darien, Illinois

Bloomer, Wisconsin

Elkridge, Maryland

Denver, Colorado

Shepherdsville, Kentucky

San Jose, California

Avon, Ohio


Aurora, Colorado

Cincinnati, Ohio

Silver Springs, Maryland

Bend, Oregon

Levittown, Pennsylvania

Lynn, Massachusetts

Batavia, New York

Nashville, Tennessee

Meridian, Mississippi

Hampton, New Hampshire

Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Calistoga, California

Menlo Park, California

Arcadia, Florida

Washington, D.C.

Montgomery, Alabama

Miami, Florida

Anchorage, Alaska

Dallas, Texas

Washington, D.C.

Algonquin, Illinois

Wichita, Kansas

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mattoon, Illinois

Las Vegas, Nevada

Los Angeles, California

Draper, Utah

Richmond, Texas

Gloucester, Massachusetts

Newport, Rhode Island

Courtenay, BC, Canada

Silicon Valley, California

Allenstown, Pennsylvania

Haverhill, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts

Londonderry, New Hampshire

Lee, New Hampshire

New Boston, New Hampshire

Nokomis, Florida

San Diego, California

Laguna Hills, California

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Phoenix, Arizona

Havre, Montana

Naples, Florida

Austin, Texas

Monroe, Louisiana


Selected Publications

December 2017 - MLK Featured Article, Allentown Art Museum, Quarterly Magazine, Allentown, Pennsylvania

November 2017 - "Dream Keeper Award", Cover Image, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, South Carolina

October 2017 - "Martin Luther King, Jr.". Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford. Stanford, California

Spring 2017 - "Social Responsibility Report", Cover Image, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP, Four Times     Square | New York

Spring 2017 – “The Global Silicon Valley Handbook”, published by Hachette for GSV Asset Management

January 2017 – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration, Program cover, City of Columbia, South Carolina 

April 2016 -  MLK, Alpha Omega Alpha The Pharos (Print and Web versions of the magazine)

December 2015 - "The Artful Brain: Neuro-Aesthetics", Colgate University

March 2015 - "2040 UN Speech: Back to the Present", Humanity, Denmark

December 2014 - "Struggle for Equality in the USA & Civil Rights Movement", Pote à Pote, France

October 2014 - "Nonviolence", NRC magazine, Paris, France

September 2014 - "Polity" - Palgrave MacMillan Journals University of Connecticut

March 2014 - Inspirational Artist Analysis, United Kingdom

March 2014 - Graduate Thesis on Art and Creating Portraits in Various Media and Style, South Australia

March 2014 - A Study of Martin Luther King Jr, England

February - Salus Capital Partners, Manifesto, California, USA

February 2014 - A Tribute to Barack Obama, United Kingdom

January 2014 - Visual Art Journal, Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia

January 2014 - Essay on Expressionism, Art & Design, London, UK

January 2014 - PhD Thesis "Famous Women Heroes of Our History", Miriam College, Philippines

January 2014 - A Tribute to "Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela", Brazil

December 2013 - A Tribute to Nelson Mandela, United Kingdom

June 2013 - License to Lead, The Junction NSW, Australia

June 2013 - Great Leaders Serve by Mark Miller, greatleadersserve.org/

October 2012 - Touchrate, Book Cover, Florida

October 2012 - One Spirit, Marketing Presentation, California

February 2012 - Bob Marley Magazine, Italy

January 2012 - Kol's Notes, Vancouver, BC, Canada

December 2011 - Examiner.com, Cleveland, Ohio

December 2011 - Lucky Dog Rescue, Meridian, Mississippi



January 2017 – MLK Concert, Firebird Arts Alliance, Charlotte, NC

July 2016 – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Cultural Festival, NewcastleGateshead, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

April 2016 - Commemoration Service for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Virginia Theological Seminary

2016 - Annual Dr. Martin Luther King event with Sharon Irving, Willow Creek Community Church, Chicago, Illinois

2016 - Racism, Unconscious bias, and the art (and need) of listening and storytelling, Trinity United Methodist Church, Austin, Texas.

2016 - MLK jr, California African American Museum, Los Angeles, California.

2015 - MLK event, St. Joseph Parish (Maysville), Mobile, Alabama.

2014 - "Musikmesse Shanghai", Shanghai, October 8-11

2014 - Fifth Annual ASU + GSV Education Innovation Summit, The Phoenician, Scotsdale, AZ, April 21-23

2014 - "Portraits of Innovation 2014", Global Silicon Valley Capital, Woodside, CA

2014 - "Towards a Better World", Del Riachuelo, Espacio de Arte, La Boca Caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina

2014 - Smallest Gallery, South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

2014 - "Colour My World" Epikentro + Art Gallery, Patras, Greece

2014 - Springfield College, School of Human Services, Manchester Campus, Manchester, NH

2014 - St. Paul's School, Concord, NH

2013 - "Portraits of Innovation 2013", Global Silicon Valley Capital, Woodside, CA

2013 - Springfield College, School of Human Services, Manchester Campus, Manchester, NH

2013 - St. Paul's School, Concord, NH

2013 - Ann & Jerry Moss Theater, Capshaw-Spielberg Center for Arts and Educational Justice, Santa Monica, CA

2012 - Creative Haverhill, Haverhill, MA

2012 - Viva Las Vega! Gamma Gamma Gallery, Downtown Las Vegas, NV

2012 - Postal Art / Arte Correo, Trinidad & Tobago

2012 - Face of Jesus Part III Exhibition, Our Lady of Lasalette Shrine, Attleboro, MA

2011 - Creative Haverhill Emerging Artist Juried Show, Haverhill, MA

2008 - Best in Show, Thacher Island Association Art & Photo Show, Rockport, MA