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Ayla & Dave ~ Wedding Painting ~ The Roundhouse, MA

Ayla and Dave joined hands and said "I do" this past August at the Roundhouse in Coltrain, MA.

this fun couple wanted to capture this day (their day, their moment) forever. after their wedding, they turned to me to create a one-of-a-kind painting for them from one of their wedding photos.

i loved talking to them and hearing how they remembered their wedding day - and what made it special for each one of them. the photos started to come alive. i could feel their love and excitement for each other - so precious!

here's a little taste of what each of them shared with me:

David's emotions were high as he was excited that it was finally happening! and he couldn't say enough about his love for Ayla and how beautiful she looked. 

Ayla (a wedding photographer herself) remembers loving how the light looked through the apple tree. she recalls standing there with the person she was about to marry (they did a first look which they highly recommend), enjoying their time when it was just the two of them. laughing she guessed he looked okay too :).

the painting expresses their moment of LOVE, PASSION, & HAPPINESS

and it all comes together through a balance of vibrant color.

I wish Ayla & Dave years of happiness, love, and laughter!

Ayla & Dave ~ The Roundhouse, MA ~ Wedding Painting ~ Sneak Peak

On August 30th, Ayla and Dave tied the knot and were married at the beautiful Roundhouse in Coltrain, MA. It was the perfect setting for this gorgeous, outdoorsy couple.

They asked me to paint them a masterpiece that they could treasure forever that reminded them of their special day.

I'm well underway, and I've actually got a surprise up my sleeve on this one. You'll have to check back in in a couple of weeks when the final painting is complete.

But here is the sneak peak I promised to share with them, to let them in on the creative process:

Ayla & Dave Wedding Painting Monochrome

For this painting, I decided to sketch them out in pencil first before moving into a loose acrylic style. Developing the shapes and shadows with Burnt Sienna, their form is coming alive.

And now it's time for the magic...