Vibrant Paintings Help GSV Celebrate Leadership and Innovation!


Vibrant Paintings Help GSV Celebrate Leadership and Innovation!

Artist Derek Russell Paints Striking Depictions of Iconic Innovators for GSV Capital and the 2014 ASU+GSV Summit!

NEWMARKET, NH — June 17, 2014 — Renowned New Hampshire-based artist Derek Russell has produced vibrant portraits depicting more than a dozen influential innovators from the past 150 years. The campaign, developed for Silicon Valley-based GSV — bringing together the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, Apple founder Steve Jobs, and NHL great Wayne Gretzky — celebrates the contributions and wisdom of these legendary figures, along with the pioneering outlooks that propelled them to exceptional heights.!

GSV Capital Corp. (NASDAQ: GSVC), which offers investors the opportunity to gain exposure to some of the world's leading, VC-backed private companies, first unveiled its “Portraits of Innovation” campaign on the homepage of its website,, in early January. Leveraging the notoriety of the campaign, GSV extended the collection to include several keynote speakers at its fifth annual ASU+GSV Education Innovation Summit, held in Scottsdale, AZ this past April. This year’s Summit featured former Governor Jeb Bush, Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings, NBA legend and businessman Earvin “Magic” Johnson, and historic football coach and motivator Lou Holtz, among others. Each was presented with their likeness following their presentation, a gesture of gratitude that appeared to resonate with the speakers as well as the more than 2,100 attendees of the Summit.!

Derek Russell’s artistic talents were first discovered by Philadelphia-based brand communications agency Brandlift in the fall of 2013 as the firm was developing a bold new campaign for GSV Capital. The expressive Lincoln painting led to Brandlift and GSV commissioning 18 individual works to-date for the company’s online properties and events programming.!

Brandlift founder and president Andy Goldenberg said of the partnership with Russell, “We’re big believers in fit — with client relationships, partners, ideas, scope, and tone — and this is a shining example of an unlikely pairing that results in powerful impact.” About the artist, he added, “Derek’s combination of artistic vision and easy-to-work-with professionalism has helped inject great energy into GSV’s brand — a fittingly vivid platform for GSV’s work about which they are so passionate.”!

Many of Russell’s expressive paintings for GSV are exhibited at GSV’s offices in Woodside, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley. Others have been gifted to notable friends of GSV, including luminaries such as Intuit Chairman Bill Campbell, Governor Jeb Bush, and Coach Lou Holtz, for whom GSV founder and CEO Michael Moe played football at the University of Minnesota.!

About Derek Russell (
Derek Russell is a renowned New Hampshire-based pop artist producing vibrant and explosive paintings that are collected and exhibited worldwide. Commissioned artist and licensor to the GSV companies, several recording artists, and other financial institutions, Derek captures characters in a unique way that aims to stop people in their tracks and resonate with their inner child.!

About Brandlift (
Brandlift is a Philly-based boutique marketing agency delivering communications strategies and tools that enable growth-oriented businesses to boldly convey the right things to the right people. We humanize companies and products. And design communications programs that have a lifting effect on clients' image and performance.!

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GSV stands for Global Silicon Valley. The name underscores our belief that Silicon Valley is no longer just a physical place, but also a mindset that has gone viral. The Valley has redefined business and entrepreneurism, just as GSV aims to redefine growth investing. GSV’s brand spans a collective of complementary entities, each with an exacting niche in the growth economy. Our companies share philosophy, leadership, resources, and opportunities across their business relationships while maintaining distinct expertise and financials.!