discovering what i need

what do i need? what do i need? i've been wrestling internally with this and its starting to show on the outside. but i'm learning more and more about myself each and every day. 


because i was lost. i lost track of who i am. and i forgot why i am here. 

with the rapid growth of technology these days we easily can compare our lives to others with a few clicks of a mouse. remember when a mouse was a mouse. you know a fury little critter hiding in your walls? 

instantly we can see our best friend from college traveling around the world, another heading up a tech start up company in the bay area, another celebrating their son's 5th birthday, and on and on. we even see people we don't know and start comparing our life to theirs. how are they able to be so...successful, happy, loved? and where am i? what have i done?

while i think social media is great, i constantly find myself comparing what i have done to others. and this is not me. i am not one to compare. 

but i question myself more. what is it that makes me ME? and is it okay to be me? why am i this way? is something wrong with me? maybe this is all a part of life, i'm certain it is. i just wanna know the lesson meow - my heart pours out

i've always been one to push through events even if i need to force myself to do things. even if it feels against the waves. maybe this is my strong will or determination. but why did i always feel pain afterwards. is this what my life has in store for me i always thought, more pain?

and so I'm thankful for being introduced to the power available to all of us. the higher vibrational energy that we can access anytime, anywhere. the divine.

through years of practice. through years of confusion. i'm starting to see the true picture. no, i don't need to choose pain. because i choose pleasure.

choosing pleasure over pain is a choice. a choice that sounds so simple, but is so very hard to do.

i've started meditating more. i've started saying more affirmations.

i say yes to life. i say yes to love. i say yes to financial freedom. i say yes to joy.

That's me celebrating under a 1600' waterfall in Kauai. Life is Beautiful

That's me celebrating under a 1600' waterfall in Kauai. Life is Beautiful


it's when i listen to my needs and care for myself that i discover what i need. and when i give myself the self-love i deserve, my worlds truly opens up for me

i’d love to hear from you. choose one question, or several, to respond to in the comments below.

  1. what’s the most important, concrete step you’ve already taken in your life to discover what you need?
  2. what’s one thing you know you should do to take better care of yourself, but you’re not doing yet? 
  3. what’s your single biggest fear? 

Let’s turn your knowledge into action right now.

as you may know, gifted souls come here each week for inspiration and guidance so please leave as much detail as you can. your share may be exactly what someone else needs to hear to have the breakthrough they’ve been looking for!

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sending my love

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