Lindsay & Stuart - Outdoor Wedding Painting - Bend, Oregon

Tying the knot under the stars of beautiful Bend, Oregon, this happy couple did it right. They celebrated and shared their moment with family and friends in the great outdoors. To commemorate this special day, her (now favorite) sister and brother, searched near and far for an artist whose paintings they loved and style they admired.

And that's where I come into this love story.

Haley contacted me (in secret) - all the way from Switzerland - about a painting for her sister. Our adventurous spirits connected as she excitedly recapped that joyous day. Her poetic words echoed truth and beauty.

My mission was clear:  capture the essence of the day, the love of Lindsay & Stuart, and the happiness shared by all and put it into a memorable painting to remind them everyday of the bond and connection they have together.

I tuned into my divine creative force and let the alchemy happen.

And it completely blew them away. 

In fact, this was the response I got back, "Oh my gosh. I'm almost in tears. It is perfect!!!!!! You are very talented and the style of painting is exactly what I was looking for!!!!!" 

Thanks Haley & Jacob! It was a honor for me to be chosen as the artist to capture your sister's wedding in paint. Thank you for your trust, faith and vision.

I'd also like to send a shout out to their amazing wedding photographer, Erin Grace. Thank you for your genius on their wedding day and for opening up your closed, private gallery for me to gain inspiration. You rock!

Let the memories & love continue