let go of the struggle

it doesn't need to be hard. feel that emotion - yes that emotion so deep inside of you, right now. yes, feel it, own it. it is yours. 

yes, all mine. all mine. and tears form but hover on my eyes. no need to worry. no more use in crying. 

confusion rushes over my body. a sense of lack knocks at my door. it wants in. it desperately wants to have control. it desperately yearns for my fear to kick in. it wants me to feel I'm wrong.

but no, no, no i can resist that temptation. it isn't me. i do not need to change who i am to make someone else happy. i do not need to change who i am deep down at the root of who i am.

i am who i am. and all is well. all is well within me. 

all things that do not serve me will pass. as hard as it is, sometimes the best thing to do is to let it go. let it go and surrender to the universe. surrender to that presence within you. that power you know is there. connect to your soul. connect to the soul deep inside of you.

i am. 

it is me. finally freed. freed from my own imprisonment. freed from trying to impress another. freed from my entrapment. 

it is time to get back to my roots. to get back to me. me

yes more of me. that feels good. doing more of what feels good. feeling more of what feels good. 

others can go off and do what they want. they have another path. they do not need to follow your path. you may think you can help them but not all want help. you do not need to try to be nice anymore. you do not need to feel their pain anymore. it is their journey. you are on your journey. 

harsh words will be said. pressure will be placed upon you. but stay rooted. you are willing to change. you are willing to adapt to the times. you have built a strong foundation and can flow and bend with ease.

this external attack just taught you a lesson. this challenge was another opportunity to go within and trust yourself.

go do whatever you want to do. it does not affect me.

your words are whispers of love.