Sunday's Shared Secret #1

By Celebrity & Corporate Artist Derek Russell

Welcome to "Sunday's Shared Secret"

It's time for a new beginning and what better way than to begin each month with a little piece of advice from me - your author, your artist, & your friend.

So, let's begin.

Nature as my Guide.JPG

I woke up this morning with an idea -

And I felt compelled to share it with you.

My goal is simple

And it involves you.

But don't feel pressured into trying any of my tips

Just take them for what they are

Free advice...

Advice that I have learned

Through reading hundreds of books,

Studying under wise teachers and mentors,

And exploring the world around us.

Advice that has helped me

Awaken to my life purpose,

Soar to new heights,

And create the life I desire.

And remember, there is nothing you need to say, do or remember

Just read & relax

At the comfort of your own home to your desk at work or even while on a walk.

So feel free to come and go as you please

In the months ahead

To learn new ways of looking at things,

Because sometimes

When we change our lens

The things we look at change.

It is my hope that my shared secrets will:

~ Inspire you,

~ Encourage you &

~ Motivate you

To dream BIG,

To do what it is that makes you happy,

To see yourself creating your desires,

And then to share your success with others.

Because in the end,

It is in giving that we truly receive.

So I guess today's advice is actually two-fold

1. Listen to your inner guide, your gut, your heart and act upon it, &

2. Join me on my blog every month as I share with you what has worked so wonderfully and magically for me.

My tips and tricks will range:

From inspirational messages to witty humor getting you to think creatively,

From simple step by step ideas to unique opportunities that are available to all of us.

And in the end

It really comes down to

Helping us all live better, more fulfilling lives.

I hope to see you next month.




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About Derek Russell

Russell, born 1985, lives and works in the mountains of New Hampshire. His areas of interest include painting, health and wellness, higher consciousness, architecture, growth mindset, engineering, travel, sports, and adventure. And he is happily married to his wife, Kara.

His love for adventure started in college when he began traveling and exploring the beauty of the world and its amazing people, places and experiences. This is the energy he captures in each of his pieces.

The foundation for his art is grounded in a decade long interaction with the art of realism. Researching and learning the techniques of the old masters, he felt a calling to express himself with paint. For over 10 years, he continued to draw and paint in a very slow and precise way. An internal struggle to make his work perfect fought with his desire to paint. And he stopped for years.

After an intensive yearlong study under a Copley Art Master, his awareness changed. By engaging in a visual story with the live models he painted, he needed to paint faster.

And then one day, it clicked for him.

He put aside his analytical mind and let the colors speak to him. He coined the term “Free Spirited Realism” as a brand for his art. It is a dance between contemporary art and realism.

When viewing his work at a close range, areas are broken up and fit together only at a distance. As you advance toward his painting, it becomes more abstract, more fluid, and as you move away, it falls into focus and is realistic. At no two distances will the painting appear the same.

He has developed a dynamic way of combining abstraction with realism. In this technique, he is able to make the action within the painting as intense and exciting as it actually is in your direct experience.

He creates meaningful, engaging stories with a shower of bold, vibrant color that inspire people to open their minds and make a positive impact on the world.

Today, his art is collected in several countries around the world.