i dont want to miss a thing

i'm awake. it's another early morning, 4am. pretty soon the sun will be rising. i love being awake at this hour. i get to communicate with my soul. i meditate. but my mind won't stop wandering. the past few days it's been wanting to race. i'm not sure where the finish line is or where it is going. it is just all over the place. it races through questions, concerns, issues. i'm training my mind to focus on the positive. i'm training my mind to work for me.

with meditation, i'm recognizing the thoughts that are flowing through me are just that - thoughts. i embrace them, i accept them and then i let them go freely. i refocus on my breathing. an inhale. exhale. birds are chirping. the world is waking up around me. i feel whole.

i'm back on track, poop, there i go thinking again.

within each moment there are an infinite number of possibilities waiting for you. let them guide you.

instead of pushing away my problems, i notice them. problems are just sign posts directing me on my journey. there is no need to hate them. fear them. dread them.

but what about this physical pain in my body that i've been experiencing for months? why won't it go away?

i tried working out yesterday. it was the first time in over 3 months since i did a push up or pull up. those are my things. those are my exercises. i love training my body. i love sculpting my body. it is another art form of mine. 

i am an artist of life.

everything i do, i express the artist within me.

the art of love

the art of laughter

the art of dreaming

i love the energy that's pouring out of me.

but why this pain. why this physical pain? what am i missing? what is the bigger lesson?

i don't want to miss a thing.

Prints are available  here

Prints are available here


is the pain deeper? what is the root cause? rather than just focus on the surface level issue, go deeper and be willing to change. it all stems from your willingness to change. to change your patterns. to change your lifestyle. to change your attitude. you must commit fully to change. and know you won't miss a thing. you will experience each moment to the fullest. each smile. each laugh. each kiss.

trust that all is well and all will be well.

whether you know it or not, you are afraid of change.

change is good. change is natural. change is mandatory for life to exist.

think of a flower, always changing, always growing, yet beautiful all throughout her life. be that flower and embrace change.

when you do, your pain will go away. you will see you never miss a beat. you will never miss a thing.

thoughts escape out of me as i notice them flowing around me. they only have meaning to me if i put attachment onto them. with each step, with each movement, i am living, breathing, experiencing the amazement.

i settle into my morning - i am safe. i am experiencing a joyful day of abundance and love.