4am calling

do you ever wake up early in the morning and wonder why in the world you awake at this hour of the day? 

i know i used too.

i say used too, because i'm discovering the beauty of the early morning, when the world around me is quiet and there are no distractions. i enjoy this quiet time when nothing is going on.

today i jumped back into my meditation practice at 4:30am. i sat crossed legged for 40 minutes on the end of my yoga mat (trying to sit still and quiet my mind). it was extremely difficult to just sit there. thoughts streamed through my mind. my body ached with pain. my lower back screamed in agony, yet i continued. i know i must work through the pain and beyond the thoughts - it is good training for me. it is preparing me. why?

well, there are a couple of reasons; 1. i have this feeling deep within me that says i must do it if i want to manifest my desires, 2. i've read many books by famous authors and listened to many interviews in which meditation is said to be one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. and it is best to practice first thing in the morning.

i'm dedicated to making this commitment. i am fulfilling my destiny.

getting into the gap between my thoughts at 4am may sound crazy but it is a time when i hear my soul speaking directly to me. and i like that flow of love. my soul brings me gifts of abundance that are unexpected.