what do you live for?

begin each day with yourself. your true self. what do you do? do you follow your heart? are you living from a place of fear and lack or from a place of trust and prosperity? 

make today great. it all begins with you. it starts up here - in your minds eye. can you envision life the way you wish it to be? or are you stuck in fear? are you holding yourself back from your deepest desires? are you creating your own blocks to your true success? do you even know what success looks like?

let go of the doubt. let go of the voice inside your head telling you you are not good enough. let go of the chatter. stop living to get approval from others and start living for yourself. connect with this all creative energy. be lifted. we are here for you. 

you are meant to be great. you are a creative spirit. a creative soul with much to share with the world. when are you going to let it out? when are you going to let the truth free? 

it is time to trust again. it is time to free your mind. release any past "knowing" - it no longer serves you. AND do what you feel is right. 

i'm on my journey and loving it. yes there are days, there are weeks and months and even years when i question who i am, what i am doing and what my life is all about anyway. its normal to have these feelings. its normal to have doubt. its normal to be scared. you don't need to do everything perfect. you don't need to be perfect. you are a success just the way you are.

i get up each morning and connect to my source of creation. this daily activity aligns me. it puts into balance again. 

it doesn't take long, it doesn't require any special equipment. it just takes commitment from you.

what will you do today that will put you in the direction of your dreams. leave me a comment below and share with all of us, what you intend to do today,

an opportunity in disguise

it may have taken me a couple of months to figure out. i was confused. but i knew i must be patient. with all the books on self-help that i've read over the years, i knew the answers lie within me. i know i am in the right place at the right time. i know there is always something i need to be learning.

i recently moved into an apartment with my fiance and now, my drive to my engineering job has tripled. i'm commuting 55 miles each way to sit behind a desk, to push paperwork and wait for the clock to tick. when the hour hand lands on 4, i'm out the door, thankful for another day i can check off in the books.

but this approach to life is demoralizing for me. and for some odd reason, it makes me angry and unhappy. i know so many people who would love to hold this position. but if i'm not happy, not excited for life, where is the passion in that! and then to sit in a box for over 2 hours each day driving to yet another box - it takes a toll on me!

but i knew there must be a lesson hiding in the midst. and finally it hit me.

i realized i was not utilizing my time effectively. in order for me to stay sane, i knew i needed to educate myself. i can gain over 2 hours each day to improving my life. this simple awakening is a blessing. i could have been studying 2 hours each day prior to the drive, but i wasn't. i found better things to be doing. i found life was easy. why change when something is easy.

so yes, i look forward to my commute where i can learn and grow with each day. before i dreaded driving that long. i was angry for having to be stuck driving what felt like all day. the trick is when you are not happy with certain aspects in your life, do something about it. take action in that very moment where you feel the anger. know there is a purpose for everything that happens. know that with each wall there is a door or window to go through. find the path and stay focused.

Please leave a comment below and tell me about an opportunity you took advantage of...


letting the voices come out

i couldn't sleep last night. my head was pounding. and it wouldn't quit! and then all i heard were voices. get up. write. this is your time. we are here with you. ok that's kinda freaky, but i'm totally down! i can feel this shift in my body

let go...let go of the fear within you! let it float away. it no longer serves you. you do not need it. you feel ease. an entire weight has been removed from your body.

this is the first time i am writing about these voices i'm hearing. i can sense the voices waking me up. my body says i'm tired but my heart says keep writing. why would i do this? what is it? something is getting released. my fear.

an engineer by training, i'm not satisfied with that path. i do not feel fulfilled. why waste an entire life living the "shoulds" and "supposed to" rules? who made these rules anyway? i'm sick of following everyone else's rules that only help them! listen to us. we will guide you.

let go of the fear and ego. their battle will never end until you let it

over the years i've become attached to this fear and ego driven banter that i now recognize echoing away in my mind. i'm scared of being wrong. i'm afraid of failure. i am pursuing my dreams. i am a creative! i am soulful! i am abundant!

the truth will set you free.